[B-Greek] Word 2003 and SIL fonts

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Mon May 12 21:23:24 EDT 2008

Dear Joanatas,

this appears to be a known problem. See:-


if you paste in to notepad and then copy from notepad to word it may  
be possible to paste into word.

The best solution might well be not to use word (some large  
organizations such as all US government departments do not use word as  
a matter of policy) but something else such as wordpad which comes  
with Windows, or even open office which is free to download, and a  
format such as rtf.

John Knightley

Quoting Jônatas Ayumi Suzuki <j_a_suzuki at yahoo.com.br>:

> Hi all!
> I'm experiencing some problems with fonts. When I paste a text in   
> greek (e.g.: using SIL Galatia), and try to change to another font,   
> it puts all in square.
> Anyone here know how to solve this?
> Thank's in advance
> Jonatas
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