[B-Greek] Suggestions for self-teaching Greek

Jamie Macleod pocketscholar at shaw.ca
Mon May 12 11:32:42 EDT 2008

>From one self learner to another, I would stick with Mounce. I worked through Mounce’s Grammar and lectures, completing them a few months ago. Mounce may or may not be the best grammar but the supporting materials are good for the self learner. Buy the lectures and the workbook. Download the workbook answer key and the free flash card program from his website. Also, most other flash card programs have a card deck that ties to Mounce’s grammar.
I don't think you can necessarily back yourself into a corner. I have started to look at Introduction to Attic Greek by Donald J. Mastronarde (on the recommendation of Carl Conrad) in order to give myself a better background and I am not seeing anything terribly difficult. Keep an open mind, read different authorities on the subject, stay humble and have fun.
Jamie Macleod

> I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks now and I have a question.  I
> want to learn Greek (hence my lurking here), but don't know the best place
> to start.
> Basically I want to learn on my own right now with an eye toward taking a
> more formal course later.  I've looked at a lot of different materials, but
> I'm just not sure where to start.  I don't want to end up backing myself
> into a corner where I have to unlearn or relearn when I move on.
> Originally I was leaning toward Mounce's materials, but then discovered
> Athenaze, but I did't know if that would be suitable for self-study.  Would
> you recommend either of those or is there something else that would be
> better.

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