[B-Greek] Louw & Nida: Sematic Domains: availability

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Fri May 9 15:30:52 EDT 2008

Balwin egrapse
>A quick question.Can anyone confirm [or not] that the
aforementioned Lexicon based on Semantic Domains is currently
available? ...
Is there anything else out there of a similar nature?
I get the impression that L&N are in a category by themselves.
Steve Baldwin>

Louw and Nida are quite useful for me when I want to survey material
to see what vocab is available in the NT.
Concordances are better for running thru a word's usages and
seeing collocations, but L & N fill a definite niche in the
lexicographical landscape. If you already have a concordance then
you probably need Louw and Nida.

Having said that, one needs to supplement this with a lot of common
vocab that accidently on purpose didn't make it into the GNT.
How can a little kid live without ξανθος XANQOS in the colors?
yellow is the colour of my true love's hair ...
απομυξαι τας ρινας, απομυξασθαι wipe a nose
η απομυξη της ρινος H APOMYKSH THS RINOS
in body parts and actions?
But you probably won't find them in BDAG either.
But you really need them day to day.


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