[B-Greek] Tips for first-time teaching of NT Greek?

Scott Stocking sstocking at lccs.edu
Thu May 8 12:49:45 EDT 2008

I have been teaching Greek in 12-week format for about four years now. The
students meet once/week for three to four hours. I use Pennington's CD set
for vocabulary, and divide each track into two lists of about 20-25 words
each. The students take the vocab quizzes online on the honor system, and we
cover all words used 50+ times in that twelve-week period (it works out to
sixteen quizzes overall, with review words on every quiz). I also took
advantage of our school's online learning environment and multimedia options
and created a video demonstrating the writing of the Greek alphabet, and
posted a recording of one of my classes singing the alphabet to Twinkle,
Twinkle, Little Star.


Because we have such a short time, I do not require them to memorize all of
the paradigms, but I do require them to memorize the definite article chart,
since that represents the bulk of noun/adjective endings, and I require them
to memorize the present and imperfect of EIMI. In the second half of the
course, I require them to memorize either an abridged version of Mounce's
Master Verb Chart with corresponding endings, or they have to memorize the
paradigms for the respective verb forms (I limit the chart to present,
imperfect, and aorist forms in all three moods). Surprisingly, most students
choose to memorize the MVC rather than the actual forms. This gives them
exposure to all four verb-ending paradigms. 


The final adjustment I've made has been to use a parsed interlinear (or to
allow electronic versions of such). Zondervan just came out with a Greek
word order interlinear that has a smoothly flowing English text (Mounce &
Son) that works nicely for this in my estimation. I am then able to focus on
how the various grammatical elements should be understood and translated,
rather than spending a lot of time worrying about paradigm memorization.


Scott Stocking

sstocking at lccs.edu

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