[B-Greek] Hendiadys: Does it always involve a conjunction?

Scott Stocking sstocking at lccs.edu
Thu May 8 12:18:41 EDT 2008

I've been trying to find out some information on hendiadys in Greek. BDF has
a limited discussion of it, but it centers around the use of KAI. Wallace's
grammar doesn't use the term. Merriam-Webster says the construction uses
"and" in English, but it's not clear if this applies to other languages. Is
it possible to have a hendiadytic (sp???) construction in Greek without KAI
or another conjunction? I am thinking of TWi QEWi TWi SWTHRI MOU in Luke
1.47 as an example. The phrase could certainly be understood as an
appositive, but I'm wondering if SWTHRI could be understood adjectivally
(through hendiadys) as well, translating the phrase "My Savior God," because
the syntax is attributive (article-noun-article-(noun as) adjective).


Scott Stocking

sstocking at lccs.edu


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