[B-Greek] PEPRAKEN in Mt 13:46

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> Hi, Matt 13:46 uses the word PEPRAKEN which I think is the perfect of
> PRASSW. All the translations I can find translate it as "sold" but all
> the lexicons I can find say that it means "to do" or "practice" but
> may also mean collect, as of taxes or interest. Is the passage
> actually saying that the man in the parable went and collected all the
> money that people owed to him in order to buy the precious pearl? Or
> is that he is practicing his merchant's trade and liquidating his
> stock? Or does PEPRAKA actually mean "sold", and my lexicons just
> don't reflect that? Or am I getting confused about something?

Rob, the verb is πιπράσκω (PIPRASKW) not πράσσω (PRASSW).  The perfect of 
πράσσω (PRASSW) is πέπραχα (PEPRACA), with a chi, not a kappa, for the 
perfect stem.

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