[B-Greek] The font Koine italics (tue type)

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I am not aware of a font with any such name.  Any polytonic Greek font can be used for either classical Greek or for koine Greek.  I suspect that the "italics" part is simply the style.  Normally such fonts have a normal set, a bold set and an italic set.  If you happen to like the font and it is unicode, it shouldn't be a problem since, if someone does not have that font on their machine but does have another unicode font supporting polytonic Greek, a substitution will be made automatically.  If I should write some Greek using Arial Unicode MS and you don't have it but do have Tahoma, your system will use Tahoma (or some other suitable font).


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Few Months ago, I found myself working with the koine italics font which I enjoy very much, but I want to know how popular this font is. I am planning a publication, and want to find out, how "serious" this font is? Is any body out there using it? or anybody who really dislikes it? By the way, what is the official font so that comments and opinions of B-Greek are shown in greek?

Thank you for your comments. 
Guillermo Méndez
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