[B-Greek] FAINW in the subjunctive

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For the aor pass subj of FAINW see Iliad 19.375

ὡς δ' ὅτ' ἂν ἐκ πόντοιο σέλας ναύτῃσι φανήῃ  375

καιομένοιο πυρός, τό τε καίεται ὑψόθ' ὄρεσφι

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Ladies and Gentlemen:
Just when you thought it was safe...
I was wondering whether someone might be able to assist with a trivial
 morphing question.
Matt6:5 the hypocrites stand where they do so they might be seen by
 men. The word is FANWSIN preceded by hOPWS. Obviously a 3P-Subj.
And I got to wonder ['cos I wonder about such oddities] -- Is the only
 difference between 3P-A-A-Subj and 3P-A-P-Subj the accent?
I note that the [liquid] aorist active stem is EFANA and the aorist
 passive stem is EFANH[N] [Mounce MBG] meaning that in the subjunctive they
 would use the same stem. Smythe curiously lists the A-A-Ind as EFHNA
 [ss402, the only reference I could find to this form] and so his
 3P-A-A-Subj is FHNWSI and 3P-A-P-Subj is FANWSI so they are obviously
Carson [Greek Accents] notes that W verbs in the subjunctive exhibit
 recessive accenting except for aorist passive [VR13].
I have searched in vain for a definitive answer to this. So, is the
 3P-A-A-Subj different from the 3P-A-P-Subj only in that the former has an
 acute on the A and the latter has a circumflex on the W?
Trust this makes sense and I have not missed anything obvious...
Steve Baldwin
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