[B-Greek] GNT books in order of difficulty

Mark Lightman lightmanmark at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 2 22:58:16 EST 2008

Jim Montesano wrote:
  "My question is what is the list from the easier to the more harder books to  
read in the NT, and be able to translate on the spot? Also, is there a list 
like  this for the Septuagint, or at least a place to start?"
  Everyone's list is a little different. 
  JOHN (narrative is easier because you can guess the
  meaning as you follow the story.  JOHN is also in my
  opinion beautiful, brilliant, artful Greek, easy for beginers
  but satisfying for advanced readers)
  REVELATION (a little tricky in terms of vocabulary but the
  syntax and word order is simple and close to English (because
  it is close to Hebrew)
  MARK (a little harder than JOHN because it's less polished)
  1 JOHN (easy in both vocab and syntax)
  ACTS 1-12 (the first half of Acts is much easier in terms of
  vocab and syntax)
  2 JOHN 
  (I find these to be much easier than the rest of the Pauline corpex)
  LUKE (much more complex syntax than the other Gospels)
  3 JOHN  (quite a bit harder than 1 JOHN, with several tough
  constructions in a short letter.)
  ROMANS (hard I think because the subject
  matter is subtle and complex)
  JAMES (in my opinion the most satisfying
  Greek in the NT; hard but not frustrating)
  1 PETER (hard because it is good Greek)
  JUDE AND 2 PETER (hard because it is
  bad Greek)
  1 and 2 TIMOTHY and TITUS (much less
  fun to read than the rest of Paul)
  ACTS 11-28 (lots of hard vocab, some tricky
  classical constructions in the speeches, and 
  hard to keep straight all the travel)
  HEBREWS (word order is a challenge)
  2 CORINTHIANS (for some reason by far
  the hardest.  I think Paul was deeply
  agitated when he wrote it.  It has taken 
  reading through it about five times to 
  appreciate it, but it was awful the first 
  few times.)
  As far as the LXX goes, I have not read it
  anyway near as much, but I would say
  the Genesis 1-15 is pretty easy and the
  Psalms are generally not that tough. 
  A lot of the LXX is easier than the NT,
  but I found WISDOM 8 to be harder even
  than HEBREWS.

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