[B-Greek] subject in Rev 1:1

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> Concerning 'His messenger'. It says Jesus sending His messenger to the
> congregations in 22:16 as Iver pointed out.
> However, I find another verse 22:6 which reads 'The Lord, the God of
> the spirits of the prophets sent His angel froth to show His servant
> the things that must take place quickly.'
> I'm not sure how to reconcile both verses in relation to 1:1.
> Oun.

Since both hO KURIOS and hO QEOS can refer to either God Almighty or Jesus in Revelation, the 
reference in 22:6 is ambiguous. Rev. often disambiguates by adding hO PANTOKRATHR if God Almighty is 
in view. Here, the context indicates that the reference is Jesus as the Lord and the God (master 
over) the spirits of the prophets.

Iver Larsen 

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