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Brian Mitchell mikamimitchell at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 30 19:17:34 EDT 2007

> i am a white male, age 42, and a christian.
 (1) Welcome, to Bgreek! 
(2a) Your age and race isn't very helpful. 
(2b) The language you normally speak is far more important for us to help you find the right Greek grammar. 
For example, do you speaking French? 

Then you may want a Greek grammar in french. 

>i started studying greek Now, that's important!> earlier this year using john h. dobson's book ""learn new testament 
> greek". the book has been useful, but only to a point. i can now read> and translate some greek from its original form to english. the> problem i have with dobson's book is that he uses too many made up 
> sentences. 

This is also helpful. Know, I can understand your issue. 

> the other day i came across jeremy duff's book "elements of> new testament greek". would that be a good book to start with or> could someone offer a better resource ? 

Assuming you speak English and not one of the other thousands of languages a (insert any color, race, or nationality) might speak. Then I would say go for "Beginning Greek: A Functional Approach (Hardcover)" It starts you off with Koine and then half way through the book moves you on to attic Greek. This approach is more will give you a feel for the entire so called classical Greek language rather than just a dialect of it and thus you will be able to read more in Greek which it what really does help you gain fluency in a so called dead language and then you will be more equiped to read and enjoy your Greek New Testament. You can find it at: 

http://www.amazon.com/Beginning-Greek-Functional-Stephen-Paine/dp/0195010132/ref=pd_bbs_1/105-8122071-3689206?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1191192374&sr=8-1 Brian K. Mitchell

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