[B-Greek] UBS4-NA27 disagreements

Richard Wilson richard at laparola.net
Sat Sep 29 02:48:51 EDT 2007

My apologies for a few typing and copying errors in my previous message. Rom 
11:25 and 1Cor 11:26 were copy and paste errors by me, they should both have 
UBS: ἄχρις (ACRIS)
NA: ἄχρι (ACRI)
ie NA is different to what I wrote, as was noted. MH TIGE was another copy 
and paste error, it should have been MHTI GE. I also wrote 1Cor 16:3 instead 
of 1Cor 6:3.

I was using an 1994 printing of UBS4. It looks like the differences in Matt 
27:37 and Rom 15:9 no longer exist in the latest (2001) printing (they both 
look like typographical errors anyway, which their correction confirms). In 
Mat 13:27, my copy of NA27 (2001 edition) has a smooth breathing on the 
omicron before Jesus rather than a rough breathing. But it is just a 
typographical error which no doubt was corrected in other editions, which is 
why I just mentioned it in passing rather than including it in my list.

That leaves 9 differences in the current edition of NA and UBS (Acts 7:16, 
47; 17:7; Rom 11:25; 16:7; 1Cor 6:3; 11:26; 2Cor 8:5; 11:25), of which only 
one is significant. I don't know if the
clustering in Acts-2Cor means anything!

Richard Wilson
Trento, Italy 

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