[B-Greek] New UBS text announced

Mark House mark at househouse.us
Fri Sep 28 19:35:41 EDT 2007

Eric Weiss wrote:

> ...UBS never replied to Zondervan's request for permission to use the UBS
> so with a publishing deadline approaching, Zondervan used the Greek text
> they owned - i.e., the back-translated Greek text that theoretically
> the NIV, and they included notes for when the text differs from

> Perhaps this agreement between Hendrickson and UBS was already in the
> works or planning stage at that time, and there was hence a reason
> that UBS never responded to Zondervan's request.

Actually, the new relationship between Hendrickson and German Bible Society
hadn't yet been forged when Zondervan was seeking permission to use the NA27
text, so GBS's decision not to grant permission had nothing to do with
Hendrickson. I suspect, however, that at least plans, if not actual work,
were already underway for the new GBS Reader's version (which was not a
collaborative effort with Hendrickson), and thus it wouldn't make much sense
for them to give their text to Zondervan for a similar type of publication.

Also, my apologies for recently using the B-Greek list as a forum for
advertising, and thus, perhaps, helping open the floodgates. Should I have
information about Hendrickson projects in the future, I will run it through
the proper channels before airing it.

Mark House
NT & Greek Editor
Hendrickson Publishers

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