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Mr. Wutka,

I hope that this is the actual appearance of this forthcoming publication. In my opinion, the font looks much better than UBS 4 (even if it is just the upright version of the same font used as italic in UBS 4; I do not know). I like it. I will buy it. Thanks to and Mr. Spinti for making all of us aware of this information.

Jerry Reimer

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I am guessing that the 6-page PDf that James is describing is the same
as what is on the Hendrickson web site:

Tiny URL: http://www.tiny.cc/tUHxg

Mark Wutka

" It took a day to hear back from my Hendrickson rep. He sent me a 6 page
" excerpt from it in PDF format.
" The font appears to be the same as the UBS 4 font, in italics. It also
" has the pericope headings from the UBS text. The footnotes give parsing
" information on verbal forms, lexical form, and a gloss; nouns and
" adjectives have lexical form (nom sing.), gen sing, gender, and a gloss.
" In the case of idiomatic expressions, the gloss is given in parenthesis
" after the single word gloss.
" The apparatus criticus is not included.
" HTH,
" James
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