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The earliest Christian altars (TRAPEZA) were of wood,
and identical in form with the ordinary house tables.
The tables represented in the Eucharistic frescoes of
the catacombs enable us to obtain an idea of their
appearance. The most ancient, as well as the most
remarkable, of these frescoes, that of the Fractio
Panis found in the Capella Greca, which dates from the
first decades of the second century, shows seven
persons seated on a semi-circular divan before a table
of the same form. 

The verse from Acts 6 could mean that deacons served
at altars to help assist the priests during liturgy.

Lexicons should give all meanings and cite sources and
their dates to inform us of both the synchronic and
diachronic meanings and for the diachronic give dates.


--- Jonathan Robie <jwrobie at mindspring.com> wrote:

> Carl W.Conrad wrote:
> > Just to complete the survey, I note this morning
> that even's Strong's
> > dictionary has the sense "bank" listed:
> >
> > 5132
> > τράπεζα (TRAPEZA)
> > Definition: a table or stool (as being
> four-legged), usually for food  
> > (figuratively, a meal); also a counter for money
> (figuratively, a  
> > broker's office for loans at interest)
> >   
> Oh my - now that surprised me!
> Jonathan
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