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Edward Andrews edandrews at roadrunner.com
Wed Sep 26 16:07:05 EDT 2007

My name is Edward Andrews. 

I am just a few classes short of my BAR at Libery University.  I am a conservative Christian.  I am of the inerrancy belief when it comes to God's Word. I am a passionate student of God's Word, who loves to teach others.  I have been teaching prison inmates for the past two years. I have studied with over 300 people individually in the past 20-years.  Here are my short and long term goals. 

I want to finish my BAR at Liberty. I want to go on for my Masters of Divinity, concentrating on Biblical studies. I want to focus on language, Hermeneutics, translation, semantics, textual criticism and the like.  I want to go on for my PhD at Liberty as well. Here is the ultimate desire; I wish to be an online instructor at Liberty in the area of my above mentioned concentration.   


I have looked at the schools questions and I would only have trouble with number three.  From my observation, it seems geared toward excluding LDS, Mormons.  However, I must mention, I do not support the evangelical Trinty doctrine. I wrote the schoolt to enquire if they would accept me into their seminary and PhD, considering I am pretty much a straigh "A" student there.

Here is there response to me.

Dear Mr. Andrews,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding admission to our seminary. Dr. Caner asked me to contact you and respond to your request.  It is evident that you are very passionate and committed to the careful study of the Bible and it is entirely reasonable that you would consider LTS as a possible resource for these intellectual pursuits. It is gratifying as well to know that your experience with Liberty in the undergraduate program has been helpful to you. 

While I commend your desire to pursue your studies at the graduate level I regret to say that LTS would not be an option for you at this point. In most programs of the university, there are no prescriptive doctrinal criteria necessary for admission (only that our doctrine be respected), this is not the case with the seminary. The seminary, as you will note in our catalog and admissions documents, is specifically designed for the training of evangelical baptist pastors and Christian leaders. This certainly includes, but is not limited to, a strong affirmation of the fundamental doctrines as specified in our Doctrinal Statement. Unless you were able to demonstrate substantial compliance with this document--including the classical understanding of the doctrine of the Trinity, the full deity and humanity of Jesus Christ we could not admit you into our programs of study. 

Here at LTS our stated mission is not merely to train people in the disciplines associated with religious ministry, but it is to train people within our stated evangelical baptist tradition. There are a number of universities (and seminaries for that matter) where this would not be an issue since their mission is much broader than ours. My strong recommendation is that you seek admission at one of these institutions where the more general study of theology is intended. Additionally, much of what we do in the area of professional ministry training is designed for our constituency and would not be adaptable to your setting. Once again, it would seem to me that you would do better to seek admission to a program where the focus is more on the intellectual goals you have in mind rather than that which leads directly to professional ministry. Of course, what I am saying here about LTS would also be true of any seminary that has a strong denominational affiliation.

I trust this will be helpful to you as you consider where best to pursue your academic goals.


Daniel R. Mitchell,
Academic Dean, LTS

I have been calling schools all day, could anyone please recommend one that will fill my needs as mentioned above.

Edward Andrews

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