[B-Greek] New UBS text announced

Eric S. Weiss papaweiss1 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 26 14:07:17 EDT 2007

I recall that when Zondervan came out with their Readers Greek New Testament, there was 
  discussion about why they did not use the UBS text. The answer we got was that UBS 
  never replied to Zondervan's request for permission to use the UBS text, so with a publishing 
  deadline approaching, Zondervan used the Greek text that they owned - i.e., the 
  back-translated Greek text that theoretically underlies the NIV, and they included notes for 
  when the text differs from NA-27/UBS4.
  Perhaps this agreement between Hendrickson and UBS was already in the works or 
  planning stage at that time, and there was hence a reason that UBS never responded to 
  Zondervan's request.
Since the 2nd edition of Zondervan's book isn't coming out until November 2007:
  Tiny URL: http://www.tiny.cc/Xp2Kj
  and per page images I once saw (the page freezes up now when trying to see the images), 
  the font isn't really improved that much, nor is the page layout, nor do the notes include 
  grammatical information (just definitions/glosses), Hendrickson's January 2008 offering, 
  though more expensive, might be the better choice. Every word that occurs 30x or less, 
  versus Zondervan's 20x or less - plus, a recognized Greek text.

  Eric S. Weiss

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