[B-Greek] The Grrek Lexicon Is Wrong

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You might contrast the entries for LSJ and BDAG on this

εὐτρᾰπελία, ἡ [EUTRAPELIA, hH], ready wit, liveliness, Hp.Decent.7, Pl.R.563a, Posidipp.28.5, Cic.Fam.7.32.1, D.S.15.6: pl., pleasantries, Demetr.Eloc.177; defined by Arist. as πεπαιδευμένη ὕβρις [PEPAIDEUMENH hUBRIS], Rh.1389b11, cf. EN1108a24; ἡ περὶ τὰς παιδιὰς καὶ τὰς ὁμιλίας εὐ. [hH PERI TAS PAIDIAS KAI TAS hOMILIAS EU.] Plu.Ant.43.
2. rarely in bad sense, = βωμολοχία [BWMOLOXIA], Ep.Eph.5.4.

Liddell, H. G., Scott, R., Jones, H. S., & McKenzie, R. (1996). A Greek-English lexicon. "With a revised supplement, 1996." (Rev. and augm. throughout) (735). Oxford; New York: Clarendon Press; Oxford University Press.

εὐτραπελία, ας, ἡ [EUTRAPELIA, AS, hH] (s. τρέπω [TREPW]; Hippocr. et al., mostly in a good sense: ‘wittiness’, ‘facetiousness’ [cp. our ‘turn a phrase’]; so also Posidipp. Com. Fgm. 28, 5; Diod S 15, 6, 5; Philo, Leg. ad Gai. 361; Jos., Ant. 12, 173; 214. Acc. to Aristot., EN 2, 7, 13 it is the middle term betw. the extremes of buffoonery [βωμολοχία [[BWMOLOXIA]]] and boorishness [ἀγροικία [[AGROIKIA]]]; acc. to Aristot., Rhet. 2, 12 it is πεπαιδευμένη ὕβρις [PEPAIDEUMENH hUBRIS]) in our lit. only in a bad sense coarse jesting, risqué wit (for sim. sense cp. εὐτράπελος [EUTRAPELOS] Isocr. 7, 49) Eph 5:4.—HRahner, LexThK III 1212. PvanderHorst, Is Wittiness Christian? A Note on εὐτραπελία [EUTRAPELIA] in Eph 5:4: Miscellanea Neotestamentica, ed. AKlÿn/WvanUnnik ’78, 163–77.—DELG s.v. τρέπω [TREPW]. M-M. TW. Spicq. Sv.

Arndt, W., Danker, F. W., & Bauer, W. (2000). A Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament and other early Christian literature. "Based on 
Walter Bauer's Griechisch-deutsches Wr̲terbuch zu den Schriften des Neuen Testaments und der frhchristlichen [sic] Literatur, sixth edition (3rd ed.) (414). Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Therefore, O faithful Christian, search for truth, hear truth, 
learn truth, love truth, speak the truth, hold the truth, 
defend the truth till death.
- Jan Hus

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A few years ago I posted that EUTRAPELIA does not mean coarse jesting, but rather harmful witticism. It means something like a well-formed or witty turn of phrase, but one that is at the expense of another. See Ephesians 5.4.

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