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> Dear Friends --
> Oh, my!  YES!  There are many outstanding examples of this problem and I consistently stumble across new ones.
> The situation is exacerbated because (in my experience, although I'm far from alone in this) 'mainstream scholarship' is often stuck in first gear and on the whole exhibits the same liabilities as the lexikons.  It's those of us outside that 'mainstream' who often have a better handle on the text.

> Consider TRAPEZA in Acts 6.

Given the data in the entries on TRAPEZA in BDAG and LSJ as well as the discussion of the passage in such commentaries on Acts as that of Barrett and Haenchen, one has to wonder just how well aquatinted with "mainstream" scholarship you actually are.  The global nature of your claim about what "mainstream" scholarship "traditionally" says implies that your acquaintance is wide and deep.  But
your presentation of what TRAPEZA "actually" means as something unknown to, and not considered by,. "mainstream" scholarship  indicates just the opposite.

So would you kindly do us the favour of telling us what the nature and extent of you acquaintance actually is?  What scholarly works is your your claim about  the "traditional" understanding of  TRAPEZA in Acts 6.2 (or in any other of its instances in Hellenistic literature) based upon?  What lexicons and "mainstream") scholarly discussions of Acts 6:2 you have actually read?

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