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An example that I have personally encountered has to do with the meaning of

My friends in the non-instrumental Churches of Christ have consistently
argued that, in the New Testament period, PSALLW referred to unaccompanied
(i.e., a capella) singing, and NOT singing accompanied by stringed

My understanding is that the green BAGD (2nd edition) reflects this view.
I'm not sure about BDAG.

(I, shamefaced, admit that I do not have the 2nd OR the 3rd edition.  I've
always been satisfied with old blue, and bothered my colleagues when I
needed the newer editions.)


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I'm involved in a discussion that revolves around the meaning of a few
Greek words, and some of the participants in the discussion (who
actually don't speak Greek) are claiming that a particular word doesn't
mean what it says the lexicon says, but means something significantly
different. I doubt that they are right, and none of is is a
lexicographer, but this makes me wonder ...

Can you think of examples where the meaning of a New Testament passage
has changed in the eyes of mainstream scholarship because we came to
realize that our earlier understanding of a Greek word was wrong? Are
there recent examples, say, in the last 20-30 years? Are there major
changes in the meaning of some words between BADG and BDAG?


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