[B-Greek] The Aorist

Eddie Mishoe edmishoe at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 23 09:14:07 EDT 2007


Before you determine WHEN events actually take place,
I think you need to consider whether or not the
statement is intended to be limited by time to a
specific group within human history.

In Rom 8:30, Paul is not writing about only those
people who have lived IN THE PAST. He is making a
summary statement about all people through all human
history. For example, the passage applies to me. I was
not alive when Paul wrote this.

To me, and I think Wallace says a similar thing, what
Paul is saying is that those who have been/are/and
will be justified and the very same ones who have
been/are/and will be glorified. 

Beyond this, I think we will get into too much
theology and not what the Greek can mean. 

Eddie Mishoe

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