[B-Greek] FW: [SUSPECTED JUNK EMAIL] 5 fold ministry gift

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> If Granville Sharp's rule applies here (and I think that it does) then the
> fact that these two nouns are under one article (even though they are plural
> nouns) should go a long way toward identifiying the two as descriptions or
> functions of one person. The front slash should be right (pastor/teacher).
> Jerry Reimer

This rule does not imply when the nouns are in plural. You will find earlier posts on this topic by 
searching for Eph. 4:11 (18.04.06 etc.) or by searching for POIMHN - and maybe others that I don't 
remember. The text itself is not clear or decisive, so it depends on our understanding of how the 
shepherds and teachers functioned in NT times.

Iver Larsen 

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