[B-Greek] Comprehensive Collection of Carl's Ad Nauseams

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Nothing to add here but a proper spelling of the operative Latin word in this thread's title, which I've adjusted for future reference.  It nauseates me, with pretensions to being a Latinist, to see it misspelled.
By all means, let's keep on keeping on.
Father James

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Date: Monday, September 17, 2007 6:59 pm
Subject: Re: [B-Greek] Comprehensive Collection of Carl's Ad Nauseums
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> > From: jmlineb at comcast.net (John M. Linebarger)
> > I've only been a subscriber to the B-Greek list for a few 
> months now, but I've come to recognize a pattern. Whenever Carl 
> Conrad introduces a concept with the phrase, "I've been 
> insisting on this list ad nauseum that ...," I know that a 
> paedogogical pearl is coming. So I thought I'd start collecting 
> in one place a list of Carl's ad nauseums, and I'd like your 
> help in coming up with a comprehensive list. (Please feel free 
> to chime in yourself, Carl; ad fontes and all that.)
> >
> >
> > 1. Learn at least a year of Attic Greek before proceeding to 
> Koine Greek
> > 2. The goal of learning Greek should be to think in Greek, 
> not to produce an English translation
> > 3. Reading large chunks of unfamiliar text is vital to being 
> able to master the language
> > 4. Before looking up a word in the lexicon, exhaust all near 
> and far contextual possibilities first. In other words, try 
> very hard to figure out the meaning of an unfamiliar word from 
> its context before giving up and looking it up in the dictionary.
> I can't change your list but the following one should be in top spot:
> 5. The "term deponent verbs" is useless at best and should be done
> away with if we are to be successful learning about the Greek middle
> and passive voice.
> The following one probably has not reached the level of ad 
> nauseam yet
> but it is a pearl non the less;
> 6. In order to make headway in learning Greek you have to keep 
> on keeping on.
> Bert de Haan.
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