[B-Greek] Comprehensive Collection of Carl's Ad Nauseums

John M. Linebarger jmlineb at comcast.net
Sun Sep 16 15:09:44 EDT 2007

I've only been a subscriber to the B-Greek list for a few months now, but I've come to recognize a pattern.  Whenever Carl Conrad introduces a concept with the phrase, "I've been insisting on this list ad nauseum that ...," I know that a paedogogical pearl is coming.  So I thought I'd start collecting in one place a list of Carl's ad nauseums, and I'd like your help in coming up with a comprehensive list.  (Please feel free to chime in yourself, Carl; ad fontes and all that.)


1.  Learn at least a year of Attic Greek before proceeding to Koine Greek
2.  The goal of learning Greek should be to think in Greek, not to produce an English translation
3.  Reading large chunks of unfamiliar text is vital to being able to master the language
4.  Before looking up a word in the lexicon, exhaust all near and far contextual possibilities first.  In other words, try very hard to figure out the meaning of an unfamiliar word from its context before giving up and looking it up in the dictionary.

Other additions or corrections?  Eulogiai!

John M. Linebarger

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