[B-Greek] On Ruth 2.15 LXX

Levi Simpson levi.regent.ta at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 00:55:59 EDT 2007

Hello all,

I am struggling through the book of Ruth in my first foray into the  
LXX, and have hit a snag.  I could use some help on how the 3rd per.  
sg. imperative is being used in 2.15:

kaiÇ eúneteiÖlato Boo§ toiç paidariÖoi§ aujtouv leÖgwn kaiÖ ge aînaÈ  
meÖson tw×n dragmaÀtwn sullegeÖtw kaiÇ mh\ kataiscu/nhte aujth/n

It is 3rd person sing, but (at least to me) obviously directed at  
toiç paidariÖoi§ .  It almost seems to be functioning as a hortatory  
imperative (instead of "let us," however, it would read "let her"  
given the context of 2.14-15).  Is this possible?  Any help on how to  
approach this translation?  Thanks in advance.

Levi Simpson
MCS Candidate
Regent College

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