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A consideration of English itself should show that this is likely to be true in almost any language one studies.  The vernacular usage is always different from the academic usage or that of belles-lettres.  Some of the NT is also more elevated in style from other parts so a reading of a differing style would be helpful.
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> Carl,
> In your most recent posting, discussing the learning of Biblical  
> Greek,
> you wonder whether or not students should read
> "Greek texts that are not familiar to them but that are comparable and
> at least coeval with the Biblical Greek text"
> What other texts would you suggest? The Apostolic Fathers come  
> instantly
> to mind but what other documents should be considered?

Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, Philo, Josephus, Lucian, Plutarch, to  
name just a few. To be sure, Lucian and Plutarch belong to what's  
called the "Second Sophistic" and their Greek tends to be  
"Atticizing" -- but the fact is that, as Caragounis has rightly  
insisted, the Greek language has had, throughout just about its  
entire history, both a popular, looser style of writing (call it  
Demotic or Koine or whatever) and a more elevated style of writing  
taught in the schools (call it Classical or Atticizing or Purist or  

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