[B-Greek] Aspect and Aktionsart definitions

Elizabeth Kline kline_dekooning at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 11 16:42:10 EDT 2007

On Sep 11, 2007, at 2:54 AM, Carl W. Conrad wrote:

> (c) it's not surprising but it is dismaying that many assume that
> majority opinion or how 8 out of 10 standard Bible versions formulate
> any particular Biblical text should govern one's own judgment. We are
> -- all of us -- tempted to cite "authorities" -- standard reference   
> works such as lexica, grammars, and commentaries, often supposing
> that by citing verbatim what those "authorities" have to say about a
> matter, we have resolved any problems that the text presents and are
> absolved from thinking through the validity of the evidence and
> arguments set forth on those authorities.

I don't see any problem with citation of athorities. The scholarly  
literature is full of citations. An exegitical work w/o citations is  
almost unthinkable. Furthremore bible translation professionals make  
use of published compendiums of exegital opinion on indivitual books  
of the NT/OT.

On Sep 11, 2007, at 2:54 AM, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>  A case in point is Iver's
> recent question regarding Acts 13:32-33, in particular the questions
> as to how hHMIN should be construed and the sense of ANESTHSEN in
> this particular text; English translations and commentators pretty
> clearly favored understanding hHMIN with TOIS TEKNOIS (AUTWN) and
> ANESTHSEN in the sense "raised from the dead"; Iver's view went
> counter to "majority opinion" but in this instance it seems to me
> that Iver's understanding of the text is more persuasive.

The fact that Iver knows he is out of step with most translations and  
commentaries indicates that Iver has taken a look at these resources.  
Senior translation consultants are not above looking into these  
works. They may decide to disagree but the don't ignore what the  
standard reference works have to say.

On Sep 11, 2007, at 9:44 AM, Webb wrote:
> Knowledge can only advance if people are willing to take the risk of
> thinking critically and independent-mindedly about everything  
> presented to
> us as authoritative and settled knowledge

Are we supposed to lock our selves in an empty room with our GNT? I  
know some people who think that way and I am sure this is NOT what  
Carl is recommending.

On the other hand, saying that G.J.Machen is used in 95% of the  
seminaries and for that reason his reading on a give topic is beyond  
dispute. Statements like that are self refuting.

Elizabeth Kline

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