[B-Greek] Aspect and Aktionsart definitions

Mitch Larramore mitchlarramore at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 10 10:59:21 EDT 2007


I don't think so, but you are very close. It seems to
me that you have Aspect right, but Aktionsart is more
than what you have. To Aktionsart you add all factors
together, such as grammatical aspect, lexical and
contectual factors, and any other element that can
influence the given verb.

Mitch Larramore

--- Delbert Flora <delbert.flora at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Are there agreed upon definitions for "Aspect" and
> "Aktionsart" by most 
> grammarians/linguists?
> Is Aspect (Perfective, Imperfective, and Stative)
> also called Grammatical 
> Aspect?
> Is Aktionsart (Iterative, Durative, Constative,
> Ingressive, etc.) also 
> called Lexical Aspect?
> Kindly,
> Delbert Flora
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