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Dear John,
I was Porter's desk editor for that volume, and my take is that he intended
it for a second-year NT Greek textbook--or perhaps as a desk reference for
people who had done a couple of years of NT Greek. It's interesting for its
radically aspect-centered approach to verbs, which could be a useful
counterpoint if one has been taught with a more traditional approach. So
it's not really intended as a primer in biblical Greek, nor is it intended
as a reference grammar. I tend to consult it first on simpler questions,
then move on to Zerwick's Biblical Greek and BDF. I suppose I really ought
to buy Robertson and Smythe too.

Webb Mealy

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On Sep 7, 2007, at 5:49 PM, John Boyce wrote:

> Do any listmembers have experience of/opinions on, this work by  
> Stanley E.
> Porter? I'd be interested to hear them as I have only the  
> opportunity to
> shop by internet and cannot view a copy prior to purchase. Any info on
> similar or better works would be gratefully received.
> Thanks, folks,
> Seán Ó Buaidhe

I'm glad that I picked it up (a second-hand copy) simply to check out  
Porter's take on various grammatical questions. I would not, however,  
want to rely on it as my sole or even primary grammar for NT Koine  
Greek. I think one ought, if using Porter, at least to have BDF as an  
alternative for another perspective on grammatical matters. But AT  
Robertson's big grammar remains very useful. All things considered,  
however, I continue to believe that the single most useful reference  
grammar for NT Koine Greek is Smyth -- and that isn't even, properly  
speaking, a NT Greek grammar.

Carl W. Conrad
Department of Classics, Washington University (Ret)

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