[B-Greek] papyrus omissions

Litteral John John.Litteral at Ashland.kyschools.us
Wed Sep 5 12:09:53 EDT 2007

As most of you know I am working on a project of the Old Greek LXX of
Daniel.  There are 3 existing manuscripts of it, 967 being the oldest,
88, and Syrio-hex.  I am using scanned images of 967 and the Syrio-hex
along with Swete and Ralf's versions.  I guess I am developing my own
eclectic text and I am providing all the variants.   One thing I have
noticed is that the old papyrus 967 omits many portions that are phrases
that are repeated, but are in the other 2 manuscripts, as found in
Daniel 3:7,10,15.  My theory is is that the 967 scribe often did this to
save space, and it does not alter the meaning at all.  In many cases,
all other ancient witnesses did not omit some of these portions, even
the OG LXX Daniel MSS 88 and Syrio-hex.  Does this sound legit to some
of you?  
I know that this is more of a textual criticism post.   My computer
filter will not allow me on the the suggested thread for textual
criticism, so I hope that this does not annoy anyone.
Thank you!
John Litteral
john.litteral at ashland.kyschools.us

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