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I can't see any reason why πάντας ἐξέβαλεν PANTAS  
EXEBALEN should not refer inclusively to ALL the persons named in  
verse 14: PANTAS is acc. pl. masc. One would not expect the masculine  
plural adjective to govern a TE ... KAI pair when the initial  
accusative in that pair is a neuter plural.

What is it in the phrasing of the Greek that makes you think PANTAS  
must refer only to TA TE PROBATA KAI TOUS BOAS?

It seemed to me that TA TE PROBATA KAI TOUS BOAS (both sheep and cattle) was supposed to give the detailed listing of who the PANTAS implied, and this list doesn't include people. E.g. Mt 22:10 has SUNHGAGON PANTAS OUS EURON PONEROUS TE KAI AGAQOUS (gathered together all they found, both evil and good). Here "both evil and good" embrace ALL found, not just a part of them. 
But I agree that the neuter of the animals and masculine of the PANTAS works against my understanding. And still the fact that "both sheep and cattle" does not include people leaves me confused. Maybe you could solve that problem of mine?
Dmitriy Reznik

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