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Daniel Nordlund res90sx5 at verizon.net
Mon Sep 3 11:46:42 EDT 2007

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> On Sep 3, 2007, at 5:08 AM, Richard Ghilardi wrote:
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> > That didn't work either. Can someone help me?
> (1) You must be using an e-mail program that allows Unicode UTF-8;
> some programs still don't, e.g. Eudora; that's why I switched
> reluctantly away from Eudora -- I'm told that Eudora is going to be
> an Open Source program soon with a relationship to Mozilla, and will
> probably allow Unicode then).
> (2) What you must check in your mail program is "Text Encoding" and
> see whether that includes a UTF-8 option, and if so you must select
> it/click on it.
> (3) You must use a font that has Unicode characters AND you must have
> the UTF-8 encoding selected at the same time. It won't do just to be
> using Gentium (there are now lots of Unicode fonts with Greek glyphs)
> -- I'm using the Mac OS X 10.4 version of Times in this message --
> any Unicode font that has Greek glyphs will show up for others that
> have Unicode-equipped e-mail programs -- and readers don't even have
> to have the SAME Unicode font you're using.
> (4) So: you must have text-encoding set to UTF-8, you must be using a
> Unicode font with Greek glyphs, and you also must be entering the
> Greek text with some keyboard device that allows you to type Greek
> characters with proper accents. There are several such; I'm using a
> GreekKeys Unicode(US) keyboard on a Mac running OS X10.4.10 and
> writing in Times.


Carl has given you some good advice here.  Let me ask a couple questions.  

1.  What email program are you using?  
2.  How are you entering trying to enter the Greek characters?  One usually needs to set up a Greek keyboard to enter polytonic Greek characters (or have a program like Keyman which does the work for you).


Daniel Nordlund
Bothell, WA

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