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Wed Oct 31 14:13:11 EDT 2007

STROFAS LOGWN is also used in Wisdom 8:8.

The translation from the King James Version Apocrypha for Wisdom 8:8  
is: "If a man desire much experience, she knoweth things of old, and  
conjectureth aright what is to come: she knoweth the subtilties of  
speeches (STROFAS LOGWN), and can expound dark sentences: she  
foreseeth signs and wonders, and the events of seasons and times."

Sirach 39:2 uses the expression STROFAIS PARABOLWN, which is  
translated as "subtil parables" in the King James Version Apocrypha.

The glosses given by J. Lust, et. al in their Greek-English Lexicon  
of the Septuagint for STROPH is: turning (metaph.), subtlety,  
literary craft (of words)
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On Oct 31, 2007, at 10:04 AM, Kokkee Ng wrote:

> What would be a good translation for  STROFAS LOGWN in Proverbs 1:3 ?
> Brenton appears to have translated it as "hard saying." I have some
> difficulty seeing how he got there.
> Kokkee Ng
> Bible College of Malaysia
> Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
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