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Hey Daniel, I think the best way to take EIS METRON hHLIKIAS TOU PLHRWMATOS TOU CRISTOU is found in BDAG on page 436.  It reads "to the measure of the full maturity of Christ, who is a mature person."

And from what I can tell in BDAG I don't know if I would call them directly synonyms but they can carry the same idea depending upon context.

 hOLOKLHROS means complete, whole, blameless, sound.  And while hLIKIA means 1) the period of time that one's life continues, age, time of life 2)the age which is sufficient or requistie for certain things, maturity. 3) Bodily stature.

So there can be some overlapp I suppose.

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> Hello, 
> In Eph 4:13, Paul writes that we are to grow the the point of 
> I have two questions: 
> 1) According to LSJ, hHLIKIAS means stature or height in reference to a 
> body. What is a good way to read EIS METRON hHLIKIAS? That we are expected 
> to attain to only a part of Christ's stature? 
> 2) I'm doing a study on Eph 4:11-13 and notice the three words KATARTIZW, 
> TELEIOS, and hHLIKIAS. In Trench's *Synonyms* he lists TELEIOS alongside 
> HOLOKLHROS and ARTIOS. I believe that ARTIOS is the same root as KATARTIZW 
> (please correct me if I'm wrong). Does hHLIKIAS and HOLOKLROS share that 
> (and thus a similar meaning) as well? 
> Thanks 
> Daniel 
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