[B-Greek] Question: comment by Kline

Levi Simpson levi.regent.ta at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 17:27:36 EDT 2007

> For me it seems to work better to spend most
> of my time reading, either with a parallel text or without, or  
> listening.

When you say listening, to what are you referring?  Are there audio  
resources out their for Greek (Koine or otherwise?)  If so, that  
would be wonderful to get my hands on.  I have begun to shift in the  
direction you and others have mentioned here (glossing over  
everyone's particular distinctives of course!) and would love to try  
out listening to a(n accomplished) reader.  I caught a snippet of  
Andrew Wilson reading from his translation of Harry Potter into Greek  
and was VERY impressed.  I could get used to hearing someone read  
like that!

Levi Simpson
Regent College

PS. The link for the snippet (and it is a snippet) is http:// 

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