[B-Greek] Roots & stems of words

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You might find Part II of Metzger's "Lexical Aids for Students of NT
Greek" helpful. He groups words by root, with a brief summary of
linguistic stuff. There is also an Appendix about language families and
how things interact which might be interesting. There are a few other
appendices with interesting stuff, too. Complete bibliographical info:

Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek
3rd edition
by Bruce Manning Metzger
Baker Academic, 1998
xi +100 pages, English, Paper
ISBN: 0-8010-2180-4
ISBN13: 978-0-8010-2180-0
List Price: $10.99

Online price is cheaper, and is available where ever fine books are sold

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> Hi I was reading the last post on Mounce, chapter 20, I also 
> went through  
> this book. He teaches I believe the way Dr Conrad was 
> explaining, he  explains 
> why that happens within the liquids, I'm not sure as full as 
> the Dr  did, but 
> he does this. He always showed us the root & stem (in  verbs) 
> of a word, nouns 
> & verbs. I finished the book, and I'm  working to expand my 
> vocab to at least 
> 20 + frequency.
> Is there a reference book, or a place I can keep learning in 
> this way, that  
> is to know the root of a word, and possibly the stem also for 
> a verbal form. I 
>  hope I'm saying this correctly.
> Jim
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