[B-Greek] Roots & stems of words

JMonte2000 at aol.com JMonte2000 at aol.com
Tue Oct 30 09:24:10 EDT 2007

Hi I was reading the last post on Mounce, chapter 20, I also went through  
this book. He teaches I believe the way Dr Conrad was explaining, he  explains 
why that happens within the liquids, I'm not sure as full as the Dr  did, but 
he does this. He always showed us the root & stem (in  verbs) of a word, nouns 
& verbs. I finished the book, and I'm  working to expand my vocab to at least 
20 + frequency.
Is there a reference book, or a place I can keep learning in this way, that  
is to know the root of a word, and possibly the stem also for a verbal form. I 
 hope I'm saying this correctly.

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