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ok, so here I am at chap. 20 of Mounce's book "Basics Of Biblical Greek". Everything's been going well till now. this chapter is about the future tense. had no problems with the previous chapter on future tense but now I'm having trouble telling the difference between future and present tense. some verbs look identical in either tense.,save for a little circumflex. (which doesn't have anything to do with tense,right? ) is the verb root the key? is the verb STEM the key? like I said, some verbs look alike in present and future. take the verb krinw for example: root is krin both present and future tense stems are krinw, if you have krinei in a sentence (like in the exercises) how on earth was it determined that that is a future verb? am I showing my ignorance? maybe things weren't going as well as I thought!  any pointers for a rank amateur?

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