[B-Greek] why is uihothesia translated "adoption"?

Mark Frost mark at buildinghishouse.org
Sun Oct 28 15:32:50 EDT 2007

I was wondering why most NT translations translate uihothesia (Rom. 8:15 for example) as "adoption", which seems to me to be more of an interpretation than a literal translation of "placing as an adult son".  Is there some extra-biblical Greek writing that uses uihothesia to mean what we know to be adoption, rather than what the Romans of the fist century might have known to be the Liberalia, where the son would receive the toga virilis and ceremonially become an adult son, with all the privileges and responsibilities of adulthood.  I guess what I'm asking is this: Does anyone know if there is any extra-biblical Greek documentation that supports translating the word as "adoption", where someone takes a child as their own who was born to other parents?

Thank you,
Mark Frost

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