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You failed to mention it, so I must ask whether you have BDAG.  If  not, you 
should get it.

Hi George, yes I do have the 2nd edition of BDAG. I have many other Greek  
helps, I just didn't mention those.
I have also Vincent's word study's, The Exhaustive Con. of the GNT &  the NID 
of NTT by Colin Brown & other things like this. Also many of the  NIGTC 
While I'm back answering you. What is a realistic goal for word frequency  
memorization? Some mention 20 + Others mention 10 + which is about a thousand  
words. I was amazed the other day I was looking through Trenchard's Vocab 
guide.  I saw as the words get lower they go up in count. a word that is 3 x in the 
NT,  I think was 470, 2 x goes up to 600 & something but 1 x (hapax legomena  
words) are over 2100!
Does many every get to know all the words in the NT?
What goal is realistic for an average NTG reader, expositor? 
Jim  Montesano

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