[B-Greek] 2nd year NTG on my own

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Sat Oct 27 19:46:32 EDT 2007

Greetings all
    I had gone through Mounce's book, two times. The  1st time, I let the 
building crumple so to speak. I have been called  to teach (a Bible study in a 
preaching format) and thought I do a review. I did  this with a few friends. I'm 
finished and going further on my own. I am asking  for advice. I have a few 
2nd yr resources and wanted to see how I should go  about it, from people who 
have done this before. I am doing this alone.
Also, I'm bringing my vocab from 325 words (50 + frequency) down to 650  
words (20 + frequency) I'm at 525 words as of today approx 25 + frequency.
The books I have are...
A Summer Greek reader by Goodrich 
A 1st John graded reader by Baugh
Mounce's graded reader
Wallace's beyond the basics 
Dana and Mantey
Moulton's  4 book set by T&T Clark
Mounce's Morphology of Biblical Greek
My goal is to learn to read & use NTG for exegesis.
I do have a lot of time to do this and want learn.
Any suggestions would be VERY much appreciated. If possible be specific  with 
direction for me.
Thanks for the advice, in advance!
Jim Montesano

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