[B-Greek] Rev 2:1-8

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In regards to Revelation 2 and Christ's letter to the church at Ephesus:

As a little Greek, I am very interested in the flow of these verses. It
appears from the English Bible that Christ first; Praises the Ephesians,
Admonishes them, Tells (Imperative?) them to repent and return to their
first love. And then He states what appears to be somewhat of a
non-sequitur; about he who overcomes, He will grant the Tree of Life in
the paradise of God. My questions are these:

1.	Does the morphology (this may not be the precise word) indicate
a cause and effect between the Ephesians repenting, returning, and then
being granted access to the Tree of Life?
2.	Or does this simply mean an admonition for the Ephesians to
repent and return to their first love, and then a general statement to
ALL the churches that he who overcomes will be granted access to the
Tree of Life?
3.	Does the word "AFIhHMI' in vs.5 indicate a point in time, and if
so, what does that mean? One day the Ephesians decided to leave their
first (best, primary) love?


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