[B-Greek] Finding Sources

Calvin Lindstrom pclindstrom at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 19 15:28:46 EDT 2007

Dear B-Greek,

Several months ago (June 2007) there was a discussion concerning the  
meaning of the word diamelisqhsetai from Dan. 3:96.

Jeffrey Gibson noted 8 sources where this same word was found. My  
question for Jeffrey, or for others who may know, is how can one find  
this word used in other places outside the Biblical texts?

> The verb appears here:
> Eudoxus Astron. Fragmenta 292.24
> Diodorus Siculus  Bibliotheca historica
> Plutarchus Biogr..
> De Iside et Osiride 355.B.2
> De E apud Delphos 389.A.4
> De sollertia animalium 973.B.6
> De esu carnium i 993.B.7-
> De esu carnium i 996.C.3
> Josephus Hist.
> AJ 3.227.2

Calvin Lindstrom
Church of Christian Liberty
Arlington Heights, IL

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