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Thu Oct 18 02:49:40 EDT 2007

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>>> On 10/15/2007 9:39PM Kimmo Huovila wrote:
>>> e. Do agent, author, instrument, and patient correspond to agent cause,
>>> material cause, end cause, and formal cause?
>> I am not sure how you define these causes.
> These are the four Aristotelian causes of being or change. I would
> define them as:
> Agent cause is that by which a being is changed.
> Material cause is that from which a being is changed.
> End cause is that for which a being is changed.
> Formal cause is that into which a being is changed.

The first two of these are similar to the semantic roles of agent and source, although I am not sure 
I understand number two clearly.
The last two operate on the higher level of discourse which deals with relations between 
propositions rather than inside the propositional (or clause) level where case frames are used. It 
looks like the third one is similar to purpose and the fourth one is a kind of result.

Iver Larsen 

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