[B-Greek] Complimentary examination copy of Decker’s Koine Greek Reader for instructors

Eric S. Weiss papaweiss1 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 17 11:07:06 EDT 2007

Thanks to your alert about these, I've had both of these on order from Amazon as a single 
  shipment, and they're scheduled to arrive the first half of December:
  1 of: Koine Greek Reader: Selections from the New Testament, Septuagint, and Early 
  Christian Writers [Paperback]
  By: Rodney Decker (Author)
  Sold by: Amazon.com, LLC
1 of: A Patristic Greek Reader [Paperback]
  By: Rodney A. Whitacre (Author)
  Sold by: Amazon.com, LLC

  Eric S. Weiss

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