[B-Greek] hermeneutics and "modern linguistics"

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I'd glanced at this in the journal when it came out and wanted to look at it again since, so thank you for the link, and also for the files on Levinsohn's recent work on DA as well as the DA on Revelation, etc.? 

No, this wasn't a chapter from a dissertation. Robert L. Thomas was chairman of the department of New Testament Language and Literature at Talbot until 1987, President of ETS in 1990, and is now on faculty at Master's Seminary (President John MacArthur). Somehow it all fits together into one coherent whole.

One of the brightest PhD students we have came to us from Master's.? He said that when he started to discuss things like verbal aspect he was treated like a heretic--it was a scandal.? 


Ah well,

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It's difficult to believe that such a misinformed paper (is it a chapter?

from a dissertation?) could be written and approved at an evangelical?



I learned about this article on a blog post. It's no wonder there is so much?

confusion among lay people about Bible translation. I say what I've said?

before: every seminary should require a course at least one semester long on?

sound principles of Bible translation.?



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