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> Students who are interested in pursuing this kind of research  
> unfortunately have only a few other options in North America where  
> supervisors can offer full encouragement and informed support  
> (Carson and Fanning do, for instance).

Fanning was a co-editor with D.Bock of the book where Bock's  
treatment of lexical semantics was presented. I am aware that there  
are numerous linguists doing research in NT Greek. However, the  
authors of the text books rule the world. A textbook published in  
2006 which ignores the work done in semantics over the last half  
century and makes vague allusions to a linguistic framework  
established by a man who died in 1913 (Saussure) -- if this book is  
aggressively marketed and becomes a standard work in the seminaries,  
all the discussions in SBL groups and SIL/UBS workshops isn't going  
to make a whole lot of difference to the rank and file students of NT  
greek. The most widely used NT greek textbooks over the last decade  
are linguistics free zones, unpolluted by any ideas about language  
from the 20th century or later.

In reference to SFL, I not sure that "register" and frame theory have  
much in common. SFL is a very different approach. I have read Porter,  
Reed and several others but SFL is still somewhat mystifying. When I  
here the word functional, I think of S.Dik, T.Givon and H.Dik. This  
is one of the reasons the NT greek textbook authors feel free to  
write off linguistics as a lost cause. There is a lot of theoretical  
diversity in linguistics and the text book authors like to deal in  
certainties, things that can be stated with unqualified authority.

thank you for posting,

Elizabeth Kline

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