[B-Greek] hOUS in Jude 22,23

Yamada Yuki skepuki at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 21:38:23 EDT 2007


I've been reading Jude and thinking about three relative pronouns,  
hOUS in verses 22 and 23.
Since they are relative pronouns, I assume that the referent (in this  
case, Masculine Plural) should be found in the preceding text. If  
this is the case, the strongest candidate for the referent would be  
hOUTOI in verse 19. What made me think more about this is that my  
teacher suggested to take these relative pronouns as independent of  
the preceding text, I mean, here, another group of people are  
introduced by the use of hOUS. Is there such uses of relative pronoun  


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