[B-Greek] Interlinear Plato?

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Since I am one of the those "Greek nannies" weeping and cajoling...  :)

>I think that the main concern with an interlinear is the amount of
> reliance that comes from using them as a student who begins to study
> Greek.  I know for me, I was in my third year of Greek and was
> finding myself still using the interlinear as a crutch instead of
> doing the proper study of the words I did not know.  Having taken
> students through their first year of Greek, requiring them not to use
> an interlinear, I think that the benefits of interlinear are few, if
> any, to students who will continue their study of Greek.  Now for the
> lay person, I think that the interlinear should be a starting point
> in their research, and nothing more.  As someone as already said,
> they are no better than a very literal translation of whatever work
> you are studying.

I don't even like them for that.  It is far too easy for the individual to 
convince him, her or itself (oops) that he has acquired some sort of 
understanding of what the Greek "really says," when in fact the Greek says 
no such thing.  I think non-Greek readers do much better with good 
exegetical commentaries which explain in detail the issues related to the 
text than with any kind of secret decoder ring.

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