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On Oct 12, 2007, at 10:59 AM, Ian Scott wrote:

> Can you (or anyone else) recommend some good books to start with on  
> recent lexical semantics?


In stating that most of the references in Bock's article were  
published over twenty years ago, it would be instructive to add that  
most of the theory in those books is now four or more decades old.  
The authors of those works were drawing on ideas that were current  
around the middle of the last century.

These are just a few titles snatched from bibliographies I had on  
hand, Fillmore, Blackmore, Sperber-Wilson and Gutt appear to be  
recognized authorities:

Blakemore, Diane. 1992. Understanding Utterances. Oxford, U.K.;  
Cambridge, Mass.: Blackwell.

de Blois, R. -- anything you can find by R. de Blois. His monograph  
is a little bit hard to obtain but he used to have some articles on  
his web site.

Fillmore, Ch.J. and B.T. Atkins. 1992. “Toward a Frame-Based Lexicon:  
The Semantics of RISK and its Neighbors” in Frames, Fields, and  
Contrasts - New Essays in Semantic and Lexical Organization (eds.  
E.F. Kittay, and A.Lehrer). Hillsdale: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

Gutt, Ernst-August. 2000. Translation and relevance:
Manchester, U.K.: St. Jerome Publishing.

Kittay, E.F. and A. Lehrer (eds.). 1992. Frames, Fields, and  
Contrasts - New Essays in Semantic and Lexical Organization.  
Hillsdale: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

Sperber, Dan, and Deirdre Wilson. 2001. Relevance: Communication and  
cognition. 2d edition. Oxford; Cambridge, Mass.: Blackwell.

Ungerer, F. and H.-J. Schmid. 1996. An Introduction to Cognitive  
Linguistics. London and New York: Longman.

Wegner, I. 1985. Frame-Theorie in der Lexikographie (Lexicographica  
Series Maior 10). Tübingen: Niemeyer

Elizabeth Kline

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